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Simply doesn’t work

I’ve had the game for about a month. It’s really fun and challenging when it works. But most of the time the game randomly throws itself into slow motion, acts as if I am pressing down when I am not, or breaks my bike in mid air.


Pretty awesome game. Gets kinda hard though.



The game has potential

This game has potential but for mobile users the games frame rate drops messing up because of the ads


Every time you die it’s for a retarded reason. *goes in straight line car randomly decides to flip.* This happens to me every time when I’m so close to completing a challenge. It’s like the game doesn’t want you to win. When you die though and you’re so close to that completion obviously you’d wand a free revive. Well after that video is over it decides to put an add in the middle of the screen. Over this game is bad and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Great.. but wait.

This game is a phenomenal pass time but I do believe that there are some things to add such as a amount of gems earned each game and maybe some better rewards from challenges.




This was literally my favorite game, I would escape into the colors and sounds and flips, I played it every day, UNTIL ALL MY PROGRESS WAS LOST!!! I HAD SO MANY HOURS OF MY LIFE INVESTED INTO THIS STUPID GAME!! I HAD ALL THE SECRET BIKES!!! WHY DID YOU TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME


This is a great game but I think it should have a multiplayer mode and I think you should be able to upgrade your vehicle



Incredible but please add more

I’ve wasted so much time on this game and currently have bought 51 out of 55 bikes and have a high score of 143. I don’t not focus as much on the levels but i was hoping that you could add some of the obstacles from the levels into the normal gameplay. Also, please add more bikes because it doesn’t take long to buy all of them. Thank you so much for the creation of this game and i’m hoping for a great update.

Fun game but..

It's a fun and addicting game, but it keeps restarting on me!! I get good and it restarts! Pretty much every time I leave the app and go back into it, it restarted!!

Great game, but I have a suggestion!

I love the game. It’s addicting, it’s challenging, and fun. I also have a suggestion for the developer. You should make a feature in the game so the player can customize their own levels and be creative about it. In the end when the player is done, they can test it and play it. What do you think Ketchapp?

Absolutely ridden with glitches

Revive’s placement will someone’s place you a third to half of the way over a hazard - instantaneously ending the game and wasting whatever your spent to earn the revive. Additionally, the vehicle will sometimes randomly start hopping, even when you’ve hit no obstacle. It ruins my average and has ruined the fun of this game for me. It’ll remain a 1 star from me until this changes. These glitches are unacceptable and must be fixed.


This game is very fun but it is way too glitchy sometimes and it also makes me explode whenever I do nothing.

Impossible game

Ok game, but unless you have unlimited time in your life to pay and play, don’t get it. Ads are annoying, and most times innapropriate (as in nude ads for an app called YARN).The normal levels are very hard to beat. No brakes=millions of attempts at completing level 14-20, I swear its impossible. Everyone literally says to me “you got to be good at it to make it,” or other annoying things like “you have to have good reaction time”, and the. I ask THEM how much time do they put into the game. The usual response is 2 hours a day to complete 4 levels and unlock 2 cars. SO! I’m never playing this impossible game again, hopefully I can find less stressful tick-me-off games not made by these people.(this review will selfdestruct,like my progress being uninstalled💣💣💣)

It was SUPER fun

So fun never wanna stop playing the thrill of a bike flipping so so so so fun!!


I have been playing rider for almost six months now and I will say not only did it get me completely hooked on the challenges, levels, ad getting all the bikes it is just fun to play some games to see how far you get and to boost your high score. Another aspect of this game that I love is that it lets you see games played, total score, average score, and others that allow you to view some cool statistics. I gave this game 5 stars overall. Nice work

Good Game, BIG Glitches

So, I've been playing rider for a while now. The game itself is fun and all, but for no reason at all, I'll keep exploding for no reason at all. If this were to be fixed, I would rate this a 5 star game.


The new apple update is making the game slow. FIX IT!


showing inappropriate advertising is un except able!!!i never want to see that ever again completely inappropriate

An amazing game to play

This is the most addicting game in the world cannot stop playing and I would really prefer if y’all could add a monster truck. Thank You

Ads are completely inappropriate for 4+

There are sexual ads

Fun but recently glitchy

I've been loving this game for a couple weeks now, but just in the last couple days it seems like the physics are off, and the video ads tend to freeze the game. Update: the video freezing seems to have been fixed, but the physics are still bad. The bike keeps hanging up on invisible obstructions on the track, and the front end feels way too light. It gets frustrating when you fail through no fault of your own.

Motor Hero

This is just a rip off of motor hero. You should be able to hold the left side of the screen and rotate the other way. That has killed me many times. It is annoying and seems to be quickly made.

Game was ok then

Was enjoying the game, lots of ads but that was ok. Now they put a live banner on the bottom and the game sputters and stops every time a new ad comes up. Makes the game pretty much unplayable now. Might keep it for a week or 2 to see if they fix it before I delete it

Great but

I love this game and play every day trying to compete challenges and a big part of completing them for me is the video revives or the revives that you pay with gems for. When ever I get a revive that a pay with gems for it never takes gems away from me. I think this is bad because I feel like I don’t really complete a challenge when I don’t pay the consequences for my revive.

Games trash

I keep flipping when I'm not pressing anything


The app is running really slow and when I flip it’s like in slow motion???!?! PLS FIX.


Great game!!!


Gud game

Crashed twice

It was fun until it crashed and I was upset. But then I got it back up and it crashed and reset again. Terrible. Don’t download. 👎👎😡

Great game

This game is so addicting. I’ve been playing it for about 2 weeks and still haven’t gotten tired of it. I’m rating this 4 stars because even though it’s a great game, it’s laggy about half the time I play it. If the game makers fix the lag, then this game would be 5 stars.

Fun game but poorly developed!

This is a fun and easy/simple game to do on your free time but the game is very buggy. I have a brand new IPhone 8 plus and everytime I watch the videos for gems the game freezes. When you spin for a new car/bike you always get common. The lines your drive on are poorly put together by there developers and needs work. In all fun game but has lots of work.


It's alright but a couple time that I've saved myself I've died right away

My favorite game

Awesome and well made game


Hey im a fan of this game, I love the simplicity and the challenge dedicated to the arcade, but one thing is that once you get a few rolls it takes so much points to roll again, I think it should stay the same or have a more frequent mystery car daily reward. Another huge thing is that I feel like all the cars feel the same, or very similar. Some may be lightly easier to flip or every so slightly faster but very hard to notice. Maybe add like 3 stat bars under each car in the car selector section. So like one state can be speed, another can be stability and another can be acceleration. If these things get developed into the game it will not only keep its simplicity, also giving the players a clear distinct feel of satisfaction and reward whoever they get a rare car and not let them feel like it’s a waste of time. I don’t think people read these, but one day if any developers see this I just wanted to say I’m just a fan playing your games so it’s just a suggestion. Thanks for reading Gavin


This game is beast I love playing it it's got easy Controls I enjoy this game thanks for making it for all us gamers out there lol


Fun but some challenges are impossible because of bugs/glitches in game.



Good game, lags a lot

I love this game and have played it almost everyday since I got it, but it lags a lot. It won’t load or sometimes deletes all my progress. But the game itself is fun.

Fun but buggy

This game is a blast and free which is great. Keeps you challanged. However, this game is buggy. Your car will randomly flip and explode doing something as simple as driving on a flat surface. It constantly flips the car unreasonably and kills you out of nowhere. They need to seriously work on the physics in this game. Cars flip way too easily. DO NOT WATSE TIME WITH FREE CONTINUES. It will prompt you to continue by watching a free ad. Unless you are a few pts away from a goal or high score dont bother. It always finds a way to glitch kill you immediately after you start again from an ad continue

So many bugs

The track isn't even even at some points which stops you car or make it lean forward, sudden stops before ledges, and the hit box it so unpredictable. And example of the idiotic hit box is when I would land on the back of the vehicle and there's a 50/50 of the vehicle exploding or not. This game is cool, and I know it's a free game, but fix the bugs to make it more enjoyable please, thank you.

A better Mario Run

It's Mario Run but you can control the character on the screen. It really helps to have a great time.

Fun but has many issues

This game is very fun and simple. The problem I have most with it is that there are tons of crashes and lags that make you have to kill yourself just to stop it. But, aside from that, the game is pretty fun as a whole.

Fix this

Ok so I was on level sixteen and I was so happy cause I finally finished but when I got to the finish line I went over and didn’t land like a perfect little butterfly in the landing zone. I was about to throw my phone across the room because I was so incredibly mad. That can’t happen. It doesn’t in any other games. FIX IT!!!!!

So many glitches

Always some sort of glitch that ruins the gaming experience.


Perfect for killing 5-10min

Super fun!!!

It’s super fun but it takes a little time to get used to you holding for driving and flipping

Great game for just chillin

Great game

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