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all i can say is that there are sooooo many glitches!!! and its reeeeally annoying!

Its amazing

I think Rider is really good and it is very addicting and I think it’s amazing when I get the cars because I only have to get 13 more and yeah so when every time I go and I die get really close to the high school and my high score is sixty three I think it’s really good

Not a good game

The game is good to waste time but after a few games its boring the way you die is by hitting the top of your car but the developers made it so if any part of the top car hit you die the littlest touch and your dead i don't really like the game its not that good and i don't recommend it

Not Worth Your Money

Poorly developed physics and collision


This game is just infuriating. Three of my main issues are that, a) Lvl 12 is frickin impossible to 3 star b) whenever the game lags, the timer keeps going, making it so its luck based if i can beat a level with 3 stars. c) The skateboard is trash. Because its so low, it doesnt trigger platforms sometimes


I absolutely LOVE the game I am obsessed I’ve been playing for a really long time. It’s really fun and addicting but after a while I’ve been doing many quests but from 2 months now I am stuck on the same quest with no skip available so I can’t do much because I bought all cars and I’ve even accumulated over 160,000 with nothing to do pleeease fix this


Relaxing as you can glide or flip through the levels, or try and go for a high score on endless mode.

Awesome gameplay

There is no problems with the game ,no glitches or lacks.


Very addicting and fun to play, the use of finger pressure to accelerate and back flip pushes you to make your touch better timed.

The brake idea

I love this game so much I can’t stop playing it.! But when they do the next update would you please make a button that you can push to brake ❗️❗️. THANK YOU 🙏!!!704

Game is a hot mess

I’ll start with this: I enjoy playing the game itself, but there are a lot of things wrong with it. 1: ad removal is $2.99 usd! I’ve purchased much better games for less than this. I’ve paid less for PC games with a much higher entertainment value than this, and this is just to pay to remove ads. 2: game-breaking bugs. Your car can get stuck in various places, you can die before you even start, your car can get destroyed despite landing properly. And finally: sometimes ads will break and obstruct your view, making this game nearly impossible. 3: Ads can be intrusive and misleading. Every ketchapp game loads up with an advertisement for one of their games, and of course this ad takes just long enough to load that you will end up hitting the ad when you mean to press the play button. Did I mention this ad also takes up your entire screen? In-game, most, if not all ads are scams trying to take your information, and lag the game significantly. In short: the gane itself is fun, but the immoral advertising practices and significance of major bugs ruin the experience.

Has issues

This game lags consistently, but when it doesn't it's great.

Fun but glitchy

Great game and very addictive. However, it’s so glitchy I’m going to be done with it. Ads pop up in the middle of the screen, the whole game will slow down, and it’ll glitch mid jump often. Too bad. It’s great otherwise.

Ol boi!

I thought I was addicted to this game but I read the top epistle and I said to myself "you're alright, boy!" 👋😏


Good game but it doesn’t count some of my flips

Absolutely ridden with glitches

Revive’s placement will someone’s place you a third to half of the way over a hazard - instantaneously ending the game and wasting whatever your spent to earn the revive. Additionally, the vehicle will sometimes randomly start hopping, even when you’ve hit no obstacle. It ruins my average and has ruined the fun of this game for me. It’ll remain a 1 star from me until this changes. These glitches are unacceptable and must be fixed.

Deleted all of my progress

This game is so addictive but it deleted my progress TWICE and the second time I had all of the cars and had basically completed the game. I also had a very high score. I deleted it after that because all that would take a long time to get back. I’m really disappointed rn

Good game but some minor problems

I wish there wasn’t so many ads! And maybe make it so you could toggle on and off certain bikes because some bikes just aren’t as good as others. But, overall, a fun game to play.



Nice,but just one glitch

Rider is a nice game, but there is a glitch that makes the car or bike go on it’s own.I can’t even control it!


I played it every day and I had to delete it and I will redownload it ASAP


Also, this game is VERY horrible at physics, obviously because it just makes your car go wacko for no reason!!!! Other things like this go on and it stinks.

never have to ask these questions

How do you steer this thing? How do I shoot stuff? Is there any way to get free points? What happened to my ride? When do I get to battle Tron? When is GRRM releasing book 6 for Song of Ice and Fire? Is there a god or are we just hella stupid and fall for any BS anyone tells us? Why do "women" on dating sites think we fall head over heels in love within a few texts and think we'll buy them iTunes cards without ever meeting them to see if they really are a woman? Ok I have asked that last one but not since I started playing this flipped out game. Super flippin' cool.

Good game but that one button...

I like the game but sometimes when it says “REVIVE” I watch the video and then it just makes me start over but that only happens sometimes but I wouldn’t recommend the “REVIVE” button unless you want to wast your time but I would recommend the game it’s really fun and I like the levels and how you can just do the play button and it changes the course and I like the colors.


ADS!!!! WHY???

Really good

This app is very fun and I play it all the time. The only issue is that I don’t like the music that much. Get this game!


So broken makes you rage and so many ads do not buy it


So before I start this review, I’m gonna throw a helpful hack in. So see how ads sometimes can ruin the game? Well you can get rid of the ads with out paying for no ads. Just turn your device on airplane mode, that way, you can’t see any ads! Review: I just want to say. I LOV THIS GAME SOOOOO MUCH I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😇😇😍😍😍😋😋😜😜😝😛

Amazing game👏

When ever I’m bored and have nothing to do I play this game for hours 👍. You should ignore all the reviews saying you’re game is bad because I believe you did a great job with this game so please keep making more cars and never change the game.


This game is amazing and helps me kill time. Idea: make a sequel with more customizable features, and maybe power ups????

This is the best game ever!!❤️

So this game is so fun and I love how it doesn’t need WiFi to use it so I play it all the time like in the car or if I am just waiting or board so I give this game five stars because I love it!! If you haven’t already played it you definitely should!

This game is terrible

This f.*cking game is so horrible, I’ve played it for at least 100 hours and almost every game there’s a glitch where my game makes the car randomly jump and flip upside down. You really need to find a way to fix this! I’ve played a billion games and every single one is better than this one, even the most cheesy ones with ads every second.

Erased memory, fun app

I really enjoyed this app, and I had a good amount of bikes. One time, I went on my iPhone, and did the exact same thing I had don the day before. Place in my passcode, go into rider and begin playing. Guess what?! Zero coins, no bikes, and my high score had been zero. Was my memory erased?! Well, the answer is YES. I was angry, but I got over it quickly and got my high score back. Later, it erased my memory YET AGAIN! This has happened a total of 4 times. The reason I didn’t rate this as a one is because it was a very fun app-you get to unlock bikes and collect coins and do levels. Feeling mixed emotions about deleting it. Hope this helps! (Also very kid-friendly.)

This is why I don't throw money at Ketchapp

This (like most Ketchapp games) is oddly addicting at first. But after you mad out the vehicles, it's pointless to continue. Ketchapp is an app machine, but they abandon their apps. This hasn't been updated in almost a year. I'm glad I didn't throw any money at this app. I won't throw money at Ketchapp until they stop abandoning their games.

Bad game

Has multiple glitches and they have challenges and when your about to finish one and you die before you can they don’t show the revive thing but all the other times they do. Over all not a great game would not recommend

I want to keep playing but it’s hard

I would really like to keep playing and play more to unlock new things and get better but it’s hard. I’m not sure what it is but I will be within 10-15 points to beating my high score then it will just take me out of the game and into the home screen. It really bothers me and all of my friends that play the awesome game with some important flaws. U should really fix them.


Great game so addicting. Every 7-10 rounds it’ll just randomly crash and close out and I gotta open it back up.

Keeps deleting my progress??

I love the game itself but 3 separate times it has deleted all my progress (high score, cars, ect.) like I had just gotten the game. This is incredibly annoying and frustrating. Something else that happened was the track wasn’t full loaded for the game so when I started “driving” the car blew up. Also, in some places even on flat track the track is not connected evenly so there is a bump in the track that can make you crash and stuff. I love this game for the most part though. Just a few flaws

To many problems

My first thing with this game is that it is very difficult. I know games are supposed to be challenging, but this game is pretty impossible to land after flying through the air or doing a flip without crashing. Another very annoying problem is that pretty much after every time I die an add shows up. The 2 most common adds are the Angry Birds add and the Fortnite V Bucks add. I mean I think it’s ridiculous that I already know these adds by heart. I mean seriously!! I have at least had these adds 25 times!!! Also every once in a few times the game glitches and it completely exits out. It’s insane. The only good thing I have to say is that the game is sometimes temping to play.

It’s great but...

After unlocking most of the cars, I’ve been stuck at challenge 68 for months and can’t get past it. I also can’t skip it so at this point I’m considering just deleting the game, I’d love to keep playing but at this point it’s just irritating. Overall, the game play is a really fun way to pass time.


I got to level 15and the jump was to long the check win was too close

Many issues

The game is addicting but it has many flaws. The map is randomly generated but is done so very poorly, parts of the map don’t overlay correctly and what happens is that your car will randomly flip over forwards or just stop completely. Sometimes my car would keep flipping at full speed when I wasn’t touching my phone, and going off of some ramps would cause my care to almost flip forwards which I believe isn’t intentional. Sometimes the moving platforms would explode my car even if they didn’t touch the top of the car, and a few times my car just exploded for no apparent reason at the start of a game. The game is fun to a point then the flaws of the game will get to you and it’s just to hard to handle.


Auto-closes constantly. Would like to give more stars, because it is a fun game.

App keeps shutting down

The app keeps shutting down in the middle of playing it. I have no idea why it has been doing this but I have rebooted, and restarted my iPhone and this problem is still occurring. Please find out and fix it

Fun, but glitchy

This game is boring. I played it for a while, mabye a week. But when it got boring, it also got super glitchy and made me just quit it.


I would read this before buying it. You need to buy the no add thing or you will be stick with add after add after add!!

Great game

I love it this game is great it has its challenging moments to the only thing I don’t like is all the vehicles make the same sound I don’t understand how the skateboard sounds like the motorcycles


I LOVE THIS APP!!! but I’m not sure why it unlocked all the bikes for me. It says I bought all of them, which is impossible I’m sure. But I’m not complaining!!!!

This game doodoo

This game is trash but annoying

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