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This is the coolest game ever I LOVE it !!!!!

Levels are bad

I like the endless mode a lot but most of the levels don’t work properly and you just have to pray that it works. Or a certain bike works with the level.

Love the game

But I had to delete it because any developer that abandons their app and still has the nerve to run ads on it makes me furious.


Get this game it is so amazing I played it for a little and got addicted to it but then it kind of got old but then again it makes time go by when your bored.Love it KetchApp

Lots of adds tons of glitches

Mountains of glitches and adds ruin this game. When you play levels, you get adds every three attempts, and glitches happen every round you play the game. DON’T BUY IT! THE GAME IS A PIECE OF CRAP!


The gameplay is fun the game overall is crap because every time I die I get the same ad over and over

Pls optimize for iPhone X and xs!!!!!

It hurts me when I play and it’s not full screen :(

Is there an add free version

My kiddo loves this game a it keeps him entertained for hours. But is there a version without all the adds?

Fix it now

It is horrible not fun at all make a brake button and quit making it explode in the middle of nowhere

Frustrated 😡

This was one of my go to games until the other day when I was playing. The app crashed and kicked me out and when I go back, I have none of my bikes. I had a lot, all the secrets were unlocked, not to mention numerous others. Please fix! What? I have no clue

Good luck

This game is so fun I can’t stop playing it it’s the best game I’ve played in a long time now it’s so awesome it has the good stuff and it’s so good I love it and it is so much fun and it has some great vehicles on the game so much I play it everyday I love it. It’s the only way to get the good work out of the game and the game is so much easier then other games.

Reconsider your gaming choices

More aggravating than you’d believe. There comes a point where something goes wrong with the systems and you’ll move places you shouldn’t only to fail you inches away from every set goal you can achieve. It’s extremely boring and not worth your time. Save yourself the low blood pressure while you can

My conclusion

The app is so far a good game.

Good game

i like it

Awesome game but needs improvement.

I truly think this game is amazing 😉 but the only thing I’m a little unhappy about is the fact that there are so many ads and how glitchy it is, anyways please take the advise into thought and improve🙁 besides that I think this game is entertaining and amazing I would love to play this whenever I’m bored thank you for listening by bye🤗😋.


This game is by far the worst game no questions asked


Aceasta aplicație este foarte interesantă și nu mă pot satura de ea!!!😍😍😍

Very good.

It is a good app

What do you mean

This game is doo doo brother

Games freezes after level 100

I love this game but it freezes every time I try to play since I unlocked the tank. Please fix!

Overall great game

It’s a great game if you are bored but it sometimes will kick me out if I am in a game but overall great game


Constant frame rate drops and multiple glitches


This game is really fun but there is way too many ads and when they give you the option of watching an ad for another life they just glitch and so you don’t even get another life.

End bug

I beat every level and it stopped working instantly. Won’t even start a game. Very sad. I can’t play with the tank.


Great game,but there should be less of an increase in points when u get a new bike.

Great but crashes

I love this game a lot and it’s addicting, but it always crashes in the middle of a level and then I lose my score, and now every time I open it, the app crashes


This game will make you rage in two ways. If you die, or if the game kills you. At times you will land perfectly against a surface and it will kill you mostly if you are going at high speeds (like if your falling really fast). Also sometimes if you watch ads that are supposed to give an extra life, they don't and just put you back at the main screen.

fun game but glitches!?!

this game is fun til you’ve been playing it for a few weeks and have made a ton of progress...and then it glitches and when you reload the app you’ve lost all your progress. that’s a ton of fun, i just love playing a game to end up losing all my progress. thanks rider -_-

Most frustrating game

Fun for awhile until you just randomly explode or the random flip that you do on a flat surface. Add in something that counts the gem for each round that starts from zero. Maybe if this game was fixed it would be a lot of fun. It’s more frustrating than anything I have ever played. Please fix your broken game.


The game overall is fine and fun but this morning I came back and my game literally erased itself. I had more than half the bikes and I could never get past my high score again. I opened it maybe 2 minutes ago and all my progress was gone! I didn’t even do anything to the app. Help?

Love it

I absolutely love it I beat the game and I still play it it’s awesome⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

it deleted all my progress.

i love this game and was really far and then i went in to play it and it made me replay the tutorial and i was like what the heck? and then i realized NONE of my progress was there anymore. and i have no idea what happened

This game is doodu

I literally died in real. Life.


Ok so the game is so fun and addicting. But the stupid ads y’all put in there are so annoying I mean come on make it better you should improve it and it different because it is just the same thing over and over again 😒


I was bad at the game I hated it but than I got way better AMAZING APP GET IT


The game is great over all but it won't stop crashing! Please make it stop!!!!!!!!


A great. Game. But can be very laggy

Fun for a while, but gets too difficult near the end

This game is pretty good. It doesn’t seem overly gimmicky compared to Ketchapp’s other games, but a lot of the challenges from #40 and on are really frustrating, and hard levels are torture to complete with three stars. Also, there are too many ads, especially the Angry Birds ones. Does PETA even approve of the app? Oh yeah, did I mention that sometimes the game randomly glitches you out and doesn’t save your progress? Whoops. Anyway, my complaints are that there are too many ads, a terrible glitch, it’s too repetitive and frustrating, and COMPANIES DON’T EVEN READ ANYBODY’S GAME REVIEWS!!! Agree with me on this. It’s right.

Pretty Good! New LeVel !

This game is highly addictive, but in a good way of course! All that’s missing is like power ups for the vehicles. Add more levels & color in the background of the game during the runs, you know? Like more pizzazz! Lol but yeah it’s pretty much good, just missing something like that.


I absolutely love this game but there are a few things that need to change!! Whenever I’m doing a flip, all of a sudden I just explode in mid-air!! Sometimes when I press revive, I watch the video or pay with the diamonds and then when I start up again I immediately explode! There are many more problems!


This game is great but there are a lot of adds and sometimes there are so many adds the game crashes please fix

I return to the beginning

I was challenge 94 and i have 54 car but they return me to the beginning so please i want my account back


This game is the perfect game for when you are waiting for class to start or you need to sit in a waiting for you kid to do his/her activities. Though you'll get bored in 20 minutes or so

disappointing !!

This is one of my favorite games and very fun, but there are often glitches and after I spent VERY long trying to unlock cars and beat high scores, my game completely reset and now I'm back to square one. All my work just disappeared and I am not happy.

Points of interest

We need to have oil changes in this game because my car is going to heat up and break down, and don’t even get me started on those jeeps!!!

Super fun but...

Rider is fun but it glitches randomly. Sometimes you just blow up, freeze, or slow down. This game is still one of my favorites despite these glitches.


I would give this 5 stars but the ads are really annoying some times other then that it’s really fun

Crap just crap

I hate this game. The controls are awful and the graphics are horse crap

Fun game but minor issues

The game is a good time killer, but big issue with freezing when the ad screen is on the bottom. Playing roughly four times before an ad shows up is not bad, but the ad banner below causes a glitch in the game. Please fix this issue.


No this gaem bad like my naem is jefe or sometjn i loset 69420666 brian selss aftre play this

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